Nico Etienne fr

As a kid, Nico was always into sports, but watersports were where his true interest lay.

When he was around 12, he picked up his first kite on the beach, and by the next year he was ripping it up with his mates on kitebuggies and his Ailum coach's home-made, single skin, 4 line land kites. Starting out with friends and family set him up really well, and he was soon hooked on the wind because he was spending more time on the beach than at school!

A few years into national competitions, a lack of equipment forced a discipline change, and Nico made his way from the beach to the sea. A new addiction was born that day.

In his university years, the increased amount of free time he had, allowed him to ride more and more, and increase his skill level daily. By 18 he was already a kiteboarding instructor!

Nico's biggest motivation comes out of the power of the big storms that he has ridden on his home waters, and he is always looking to go bigger and faster than before.
Nico Etienne

Country: France
Residence: ERQUY - Brittany
Years kiting: 10
Riding style: Newschool - Big Air
Leech models: Tornado and Street
Sponsors: Eleveight Kites, Leech, KiteAddict